First SAMSUNG Galaxy S5 wallpaper already available via a free android app

The new SAMSUNG Galaxy S5 was announced yesterday at Barcelona unPacked event. For everyone interested into this phone, for SAMSUNG fans or just for mobile users that are looking to get a fresh wallpaper we already have great news.

First Galaxy S5 wallpaper, displayed on the phones on the launch event has leaked and is already available in full resolution via a free Android application from the Google Play. If you want to check this app you can find it here: Galaxy S5 Wallpapers





How to create your own company website using WordPress

You don’t have a website for your business yet? If the answer is NO you should consider this:

  • you are ignoring hundreds or maybe thousands of potential customers, that will end up becoming the clients of your competitors. Users are increasingly looking on the Internet to find quality services and products. If you’re not there you will miss out;
  • your online presence can be the most affordable manner to attract new customers;
  • if you have a website customers can view your services and products at any time, even long after your normal operating hours. If you sell online, you can even take orders from different parts of the world at any hour;
  • you can survey your visitors and keep in touch with your existing customer base.

Now, if you have decided your small (or  big) business needs a website, you have two options, based on your budget and available time.

If money is not an issue you could go hire a web development agency, and they will do most of the work for you.  You should expect anything to pay between $500 and $20.000 depending on the features you need(if you will sell products/services on the website or not, etc.) and the reputation of the design agency.

If you lack the money but have the time and will, you can save thousands of dollars by creating your own small company website.

This tutorial will show you how to quickly and easily build your own business website,  spending less then $100 in the whole process. Continue reading “How to create your own company website using WordPress” »


Microsoft Points replaced with Xbox Gift Cards. What do you need to know?

Microsoft Gift Cards
What is changed?

Recently Microsoft announced the brand new Xbox One console, with an official launch on November 22. As part of the recent Xbox 360 update, Microsoft Points (in use for almost seven years) are being retired. This means transactions on Xbox Live will now take place in your local currency, instead of the Microsoft Points we come to love and hate till now. Microsoft Points are replaced with local currency in all regions. For the UK that means prices in British Pounds (£), the US will have prices in US Dollars ($) and much of Europe will have prices in Euros (€).


HTC One Max, HTC’s first phablet to be launched on October 17 with fingerprint sensor

htc one max

Every month we learn about something new that would appear on smartphones in near future. A lot has been done and continues to be done to gain the upper hand in the market of stiff competition. HTC recently announced the presence of a fingerprint scanner on its upcoming device, HTC One Max. HTC’s first phablet would be the next high end flagship from the company and easily one of the most highly anticipated device of the coming months, expected to be launched by the end of the year. It appears from the leaked pictures that the fingerprint scanner is reality and would appear on the back side of the phone. +